Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Design by Leifer

Larry Leifer
Larry Leifer is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in California. He's also my third cousin once removed. Click here for a YouTube video in which he discusses Design Thinking. The video is nearly 23 minutes long.

A second YouTube video—click here—features a lecture that Larry Leifer gave in 2011 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. This lecture, titled "Dancing with Ambiguity," is also about Design Thinking. It's almost an hour and ten minutes long.

During the first video Larry talks a little bit about his life and I think it's neat that he met his wife in Switzerland, which is where our ancestors Frederick Leifer (1813-1865) and Catherine Easley Leifer (1818-1892) were born and married before they came to the USA.

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