Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Abundance of Babies

Every once in a while family artifacts turn up unexpectedly. I recently purchased a photo of my great-grandmother Edna Marietta McNaughton Shanower (1891-1964) and her twin sister Edith Emeretta McNaughton Wilkens (1891-1952) as infants. The photo, more than 120 years old, was offered by a vendor with no connection to my family tree, but who evidently knew something about the original photographer, E. D. King, and that the photography studio was located on the Randall Block in Chardon, Ohio, between 1885 and 1895.

The photo wasn’t cheap. I hesitated to make the purchase, since I actually had computer scans of two other copies of the same photograph owned by family members. But in the end I purchased the third copy. And I’m glad I did. When it arrived in the mail I was surprised and delighted by its excellent condition. I compared it to the other two examples and decided the price for a third copy was money well spent.

Scan of the photograph from family collection.
Scan of another copy from family collection.
Scan of the copy I recently purchased. Edith on left, Edna on right (I think).

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